Review: Epaderm Jr. #onetwofreeyourskin WITH Giveaway!

I was asked to do a trial of Epaderm’s cream and ointment to test what it is like, the results shocked me! Also, there is a giveawaaaay!

Epaderm is a cream and ointment based product which helps with a range of skin problems including Eczema and Psoriasis. It is available in the UK for babies and children.

I tested this product on Rosie, we have tried MANY different things to protect Rosie from her Psoriasis. She has it very badly on her head and it makes her loose quite large chunks of curls. This is extremely upsetting not only for me but for Rosie as she has always wanted long hair.

The product had a nice clean look to it and has easy to read packaging. It’s easy to open and close which could cause a problem if a child was to grab hold if it; but on the bottle it also has a purple cap which protects from seapage of the product when not in use.


The product smells like any other cream i have used, which i’m not going to lie gave me a little loss of hope. applied the product directly to Rosie’s scalp and put her hair up. I thought i would leave this in and wash it out in the shower later. It did leave a greasy looking look but it was good that we where staying at home so it didn’t matter.

After her shower that night Rosie’s hair was extremely soft (we used no other products just washed out the cream and brushed.) and i found that the next day Rosie defiantly wasn’t scratching her head as much. Bonus!! We received the cream at a peak of a flare up (we are unsure what causes it yet) and she usually itches a fair bit. We waited a day (we wash roses hair 3 days a week then her father bathes her at the weekend, this prevents any flare ups and makes sure her scalp isn’t irritated anymore) and we applied the cream again. leaving it in for less time, while she chilled before her bath and we put some of the ointment into the bath to help her skin. Again, we had the same results, soft hair and her skin was extremely soft. After we got her dried i moisturized her to help lock it in and she went to bed.

Since we have been using the product i can defiantly see a difference. She isn’t itching her head as much and i can see that her flare us has defiantly died down a lot!

Here are some facts about Epaderm if you are still unsure whether to try the product;

  • Epaderm Junior is the newest addition to the Epaderm family!
  • Suitable for children’s delicate skin, Epaderm Junior is free from fragrance coloring and sodium Lauryl Sulphate.

Click the link below for a chance to win your own Epaderm bundle; You will be in for a chance to win:

Epaderm Junior Cream 50g,

Epaderm Junior Cream 150g,

Epaderm Junior Ointment 125g,

Epaderm Junior Ointment 25g,


*Epaderm, has kindly sent me these products to review and give an honest opinion on my experiance. All thoughts are my own*

Thanks for reading

Mwah x

Becca x

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  1. Britt K says:

    It’s great that you have found something that works for her!

    Britt |

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  2. Ahhh I’m so glad this is working for you. Sounds like a great product.

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  3. So glad you found something that works for your daughter! X

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