My crazy hair life!


Ever since i was younger, i have had MANY different hair cuts/styles and colours. My hair has always been my main point that i love to focus on. I went a stage of being an Scene/Goth, i loved the heavy metal and our there crazy hair! In this time i had hair chalks. This is how i got all the colours i wanted!


Just before i found out i was pregnant with Rosie, I decided i wanted to stop all the extremes and do something totally dramatic… cue the boys cut.

I was so happy with this style. I would spend hours styling it in the mornings to perfections and it was just amazing that i didn’t something so outgoing and so crazy. Everyone would comment on my hair. After Rosie was born I had a hair length of just above my shoulders. I was very bored at this point and wanted to do something even more crazy and i dyed it bright red and took some really embarrassing photos.. that i am now going to share with you… whyyyy

I have no idea why i watermarked my pictures.. how cringe!

This hair style stayed for quite a while. I was busy being a new mum and i just seemed to forget about it. I would just chuck it up and go. After a while it was AWFUL. Bright orange hair because the dye was being washed out and bloody awful roots. These photos are proving extremely hard to find. As well as looking awful.. it was all dead so cue another extreme cut off.


I stayed quite mumsy for a while if i can even say that haha! and i stayed brown, i didn’t touch it and it went healthy! So what did i do? 3 boxes of bleach and a red and a blue later i was in love… oh my gosh.

What was wrong with me… This proceeded to make me go all Gothic again!

These photos don’t show the times i didn’t get any photos.. it was bad.. in my eyes but at the time i loved it.

I would just like to make it CLEAR right now that i have nothing against people who are ‘Gothic/Scene. It’s just my personal opinion that it did not suit me, neither then nor now. Before anyone tries to make me look like im hating.

During this time, i had a split from Michael and my mental health went down hill considerably. I thought a new look would mean a new me that no one would touch and wouldn’t hurt anymore. I was so wrong and i had a few wake up calls and i decided it was time to stop messing around. So i dyed my hair back brown and i haven’t touched it since (Apart from cutting a fringe in).


I will not lie. I have been so tempted to bleach it and go crazy again but i would never forgive myself for letting it die again as i have worked so hard to get it this healthy.

Have you had any crazy hair experiences? let me know below in the comments!

Thanks for reading x

Mwah x

Becca x

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  1. Kelsey says:

    I’m very glad to see I’ve not been the only person to previously make some regretful decisions regarding past hair cuts and colours! This was such an amusing post.

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  2. Britt K says:

    My life is one giant crazy hair experience. My friends call my hair my ‘mood hair’ because it is always changing. Right now it’s pink but getting antsy for something new!

    Britt |

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  3. therosewoodreader says:

    This was really interesting to read. I wish I’d experimented more with my hair when I was younger

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  4. I’ve had grown up hair for a while now but now I’m not in a corporate office anymore I’m tempted to go a bit more interesting!

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  5. I’ve bleached my hair since I was 13!!! My poor hair!

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  6. as someone once said, “life’s too short to have boring hair” so I love how you experimented over the years! lovely post btw. xx

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  7. I went through a lot of different hair colours and styles,really enjoyed reading your post you suited all the different colours and styles,think I might do a post about it aswell xx

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  8. sianreed93 says:

    I wish I was that brave to change my hair. I’ve always had the same colour, never dyed it and have always had it a similar length, give or take a few inches! Every colour/style suits you!

    Sian x

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  9. I completely understand this post so well! I’ve only just got my hair healthy and growing again after dying it so often. I had to have it all cut off!

    I love your current hair style though, really suits you!!


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  10. lisamclachlan says:

    I love this post! I was a goth too but with platinum blonde dyed backcombed hairsprayed hair – thankfully no photos survive! Your hair looks so lovely now, really shiny, and the style suits you too. Thank you for sharing your photos 🙂

    Lisa |

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  11. I liked the blonde! – I went through this phase too of dyeing my hair all sorts of colours! I may even share my hair-horrors one day lol! X

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  12. I loved your post, what a fantastic idea! I was a goth too but I dyed my dark brown hair almost platinum. Coupled with back combing and hairspray I’m actually relieved I can’t find any photos! Your hair looks lovely and shiny now, it really suits you 🙂

    Lisa |

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  13. JustButtons says:

    Soon after I gave birth I went purple with proper Cadbury purple ends. I loved this look! I then went on holiday to Florida so it got completely ruined, so when I got home I dyed it bright pink….. I loved it to begin with but then hated it soon after! I then went a red after that and then went back to brunette, and I’ve been brunette since! 🙂

    Sarah |

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  14. Isabel says:

    I used to dye my hair all sorts of crazy colours as a teenager, especially bright red! I went through the emo/scene phase so I guess the hair just went along with it. My hair is definitely more natural now, I’m not far from 30 and I don’t think I could pull it off any more. I love your hair now it looks so healthy and shiny. X

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  15. Kayleigh Zara says:

    This post gives me major throwback to when I was in high school and when I had very similar hair! Haha thanks for sharing x

    Kayleigh Zara 🌿

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  16. Olivia Gennaro says:

    As someone who recently made the decision to get her hair cut shorter and has been experimenting with it, this was entertaining! I’ve always been afraid to do much to it for fear of losing my natural curl, and it’s dark so coloring could talk forever. I do kind of want blue streaks someday, though.

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  17. Jackie Nolan says:

    Your hair looks great! All of those styles looked good on you though.
    I haven’t really ever had any crazy hair experiences thankfully lol.

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  18. geegardner says:

    I went through a heavy metal phase between the ages of 14-18 and looked a right prat! I didn’t do anything particularly dramatic with my hair other than the scene kid bows and ridiculous amount of accessories haha! x


  19. You look amazing in every one of those hair styles! Lucky lucky ☺️

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  20. I loved the blonde!! But I’m biased 😋


  21. Ash Williams says:

    I’d love to dye m my hair baby pink, just don’t have the guts! Love the blue colour you had 🙂

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  22. dsteenrod says:

    Oh yes. When I went through my rebel stage in high school I dyed the bottom of my half blue. To achieve this color I had to bleach my brown hair. Oh goodness, this turned out to be a terrible mistake! It took years for my hair to become one color again. The bottom half was always a different color after I bleached it. I hated it. I’ve never bleached my hair again!
    I also dyed my hair jet black while in college. Along with my pale skin, I looked like a vampire. Once again, a bad mistake. And black is so hard to lighten. I ended up dying it with brown over top of the black and it lightened it a bit. Eventually it faded on its own. Now I just leave my hair its natural color.
    Sorry for such a long comment! Btw I love your hair the brown color. ☺️

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  23. Sarah says:

    I’ve been red a lot of my life, like dark red, I was channeling Scully from the xfiles hah! I’ve not done anything crazy but since my wedding 5 years ago I’ve enjoyed having bits of blond in my hair and it’s stayed that way since.. hiding all those greys! I wish I had your confidence to go crazy haha! The bright red did look nice on you! I imagine the upkeep is tough as red doesn’t last!



  24. I’ve had different hair styles throughout my life, but I’ve never dyed it. I don’t think I will until I go grey! I just love the colour too much. You’ve certainly experimented though! I love your current style. Great post! X

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