Our house move.

At the middle of last month we received the news we had to move. For matters I’m not willing to go in to. I really don’t wanna make myself mad again. 😂 they gave us a month and 19 days to pack and get out.

With such short notice we panicked and we had to find a new place to get to and quick. The council where not much help and we got bronze banding which is the lowest. Meaning it could be ages before we could get a place. We went on the hunt for a private rent and most places we got turned down for due to being on some housing benefit. This made us panic even more. We would look 2-10 times a day on right move to see whether something new had been added. One day we was lucky and a gorgeous new 3 bed house became available. I messaged the landlord and prayed that he would accept our situations. To which he did! Yes! We viewed the property and we fell in love instantly. It was a 3 minute walk to Tesco and a 5 minute walk from both our parents. We managed to get the money together and we put the deposit and first months rent down. We scrimped and saved every penny we could to save for it and we did it! Something we never thought we could do.

We where given the 8th of July to move in and then we prepared. We packed everything and sorted transport for al our belongings! We was in, in a day (well 5 hours!) and I can’t be more thankfully to my mum, her partner and my sister for helping. As well as Kieran ( Michaels best friend who has helped us move every time we have). We managed in 2 days to sort out the down stairs and the girls room and all that is left is a few things in our room and the spare room which will be the study.

I never, ever want to go through this again even though I know in the future we will have too. I think we will be extremely happy here and the house is so big. Rosie loves it so much which is most important.

During this time I have been very quite due to no wifi and unpacking. So I am extremely sorry.

Thank you so much for reading.

Have you ever had to go through a house move? Was it hard or did you find it easy?

Mwah x

Becca x


  1. I am so glad everything worked out! We had a somewhat similar situation, we weren’t dealing with housing benefits and a stigma from that, but we were given a total of 2 weeks to go because it was a company that owned the house and decided they wanted it vacated for an immediate reno and sale (long story). It was SO stressful but we found the place we’re at now and we LOVE it!

    Britt | http://alternativelyspeaking.ca/

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