Our trip to the car-boot sale!

This weekend, (the weekend of the 30th) I visited my mum for a BBQ. This resulted in her telling me that she was going to go to a car boot sale. As a kid, we always used to go and i used to love it so much, all the toys and stuff there amazed me. I asked if we could come along and she said yes. We love car boots, its always a day thing. Its always a great way to find bargains for your home, car, and bike bargains.

We got up and dressed, making sure miyah was covered from her head to her tiny toes in sun cream and she had her sun hat on; then we where off. On the journey there, my sister Gracie-Mai sat next to Miyah in the back. The whole way there they held hands! I love how much Gracie loves her. As it was a beautiful day the traffic was crazy but we got there around 2pm. It was so big and there was so many stalls, i was so excited just looking at it.

We did every line one at a time, making sure we always had a proper look in case we found something we liked. It was extremely hot walking around and with all the people that where there pushing and passing i got quite anxious. I managed to throw it off and concentrate on finding some deals! There where so much stuff there from ice cream vans, fruit stalls and even a van that sold all different kinds of meats.

As we walked round, we found some great stuff. Michael got two computer monitors for £6 as he wanted to upgrade his and fix my computer for our study when we move. We picked up a lovely little Winnie teddy and a bag for the pram. We also got a door bouncer which we had been looking for, for a while now.

After we had done everything and made sure all the stalls where looked at we got an ice cream! it was necessary. We where baking. When we got back to the van, we all had a look at what bargains we got.

Here are a few extras one i got, and i am totally in love!

I got a gorgeous blue teddy bear pillow for 10p, a gorgeous A5 notebook for £1, a big bag of blocks for £2 and Mika CD (Ahhh i loveeee him!) for 50p, a gorgeous heart for 50p, a food planning chalk board and some gorgeous pictures for the girls new room when we move! If i could, i would go to a car boot everyday and spend ALL my money. It was an amazing day and i loved it. I cant wait for the next one.

Do you enjoy carboot sales? have you ever been to one or got an amazing deal? Comment below! 🙂

Mwah x

Becca x

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  1. geegardner says:

    I love a good boot sale! I used to go every Sunday to our local one growing up and found tonnes of awesome stuff. Love the chalk board! I bought one the other day and it looks lovely in my kitchen! X

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Mygirlsandme says:

      I love them, I have always said ‘one mans trash is another mans treasure’ and it’s sooo true😍 I love the atmosphere too.

      The chalk board is one of my favs 😍😍


  2. I’ve never even heard of Car Boot Sales before!

    From the sound of it, it’s very similar to “Flea Markets” here in the states. I think!

    I haven’t been to one in a long time though since the whole concept has become fairly outdated with garage/yard sales becoming way more popular and venues for flea markets wanted to charge an arm and leg for each stall.

    It looks like you had a great day!

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