5 year goal, parent style.

I have wanted to do a post like this for a while as it’s always nice to set yourself goals and to look back and see if you have managed to get there. I have my goals set out and I would love to look back in 5 years to see if I managed to get there.

  1. I want to have another baby. Within the next 5 years I would like to have another baby. I want 4 babies all together for my family to be ‘complete’. Ideally I would like to have a boy but I wouldn’t complain on having a healthy happy baby! Before I had Rosie I never wanted children but from the moment my eyes laid on Rosie I knew then I wanted more.
  2. I would like to have a full time permanent job. I love working, I don’t care what I do I just like working. I currently have a part time job.
  3. I would like to be on my way to buying a house! I have always wanted to leave my girls something, and a house would be perfect. Knowing they have a roof over their heads.
  4. I want to go abroad. I would like to take the girls on their first holiday abroad with the girls. Somewhere hot!
  5. I want to be off my meds.. for a good reason. Goes without explaining really.

These are my 5 year goals. If i was to look back on this in 5 years i would like to have ticked everything off.

Do you have any goals for the next five years? Let me know below in the comments!

Thanks for reading x

Becca x


  1. THey sound like great goals. We’ve ticked off but house so my 5 year goal is to move to bigger house so we can have a bigger family. We achieved a holiday last year and I definately want to it again as it was so amazing x

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  2. These are some solid goals. I like that you have a mix of fun and serious. Get a house, have another child… but hey, don’t forget the trip abroad! I wish you best of luck over the next five years xx

    Breanna Catharina

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  3. These are some lovely goals! This is such a good idea, I might look at doing my own list! I love the parenting twist on it, and hope that you and your girls can complete all 5 in the next 5 years!

    Charlotte xx


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  4. Best of luck with these goals! Buying a house is also one of my goals for the next few years. First we have to see where my husband gets a permanent job, though! And I’ve also always wanted four kids. My mom is one of four and that closeness always seemed so perfect! But I’m having my first right now, so we probably won’t get to four!


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  5. Fantastic goals! I am much of the same, I’d love to add to our family and have a job, plus a new place! Here’s to your goals and reaching them 🥂


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