Baby essentials and not so essentials.

As a new mum again I got a lot of stuff for my baby, at the time it was all very much needed and we couldn’t live without it. I started from scratch as I didn’t have any of Rosie’s baby stuff left and I started my adventure. It was all very exciting but I wish I had researched, because I defiantly went over the top. (I really didn’t mean tooπŸ˜‚)

I wrote lists after lists after lists of things I would “need” and I just gradually ticked them all off the list. With every passing day I was adding more and more to the list, my partner was not best impressed but I just wanted everything to go perfectly and I wanted to make sure she had everything she could possibly need. I used to spend hours looking online on amazon and looking at people’s wish lists to get inspiration.

My essentials!

  • Nursing bras! Life saver for feeding out in public without all the hassle. One of the best things I could ever got. They are so comfortable and I just love them.
  • Changing mat! Oh my goodness how this has been a life saver in poo expolstions! Honestly my life would literally be “shitty” without it.
  • My wrap! My baby wearer has been AMAZING! for the days my babe has wanted nothing but cuddles and I’ve wanted never more in my life than to tackle the huge washing pile because I have no clean tops left πŸ™ˆ she fits in snug and loves being close.
  • Two Moses baskets! One for upstairs and one for down stairs, I couldn’t dream of carrying the basket up stairs and down stairs all the time with the amount of room switching we do.
  • Cloth nappies! Although I started recently I will never turn back, you can find out about mine here and here.
  • Baby beanbag! Perfection, miyah has slept on this since she was born. A favourite of mine.

When it comes to having the essentials, comes with stuff you never used and wish you never spent money or time on. I have a few, like the next person but I’m glad I’m tried them first. As they could have been an essential!

Not so essential!

  • Baby bouncer! Miyah never liked it, cried whenever she was in it or if she was asleep would wake after five minutes and start crying.
  • Changing table! When I was recovering from birth it hurt quite a bit to stand for too long so, I got used to changing Miyah next to be on a simple changing mat. No need for the massive changing table.
  • Baby bath. Although we have used it a few times, I know if we ‘liked’ it as per say we would use it a lot more. We prefer to bath her either with us or now she’s bigger in with Rosie.

What are your must haves for having a newborn? What did you think you’d use a lot but didn’t!?

Thanks for reading! x

Becca x

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  1. Our Changing unit was a pointless buy aswell, like you – It hurt alot to stand up after I had Alyssia so found it much easier to change her on the changing mat or just next to me. Zoe x

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