The Charming Candle Co review. 

I have been asked to review a beautiful product from The Charming Candle Co. They specialise in making gorgeous candles with jewellery in them. You burn the candles and when the candle has finished you get a present inside 😍 I’ve been very excited for this amazing Candle!

I received the candle today, the packaging is bloody gorgeous and I’ve never seen something packed so safe. With cardboard noddles and an extra box I am extremely impressed. The candle itself is beautiful, there’s such a gorgeous design on it, gold leaves, beautiful! The candle is vanilla scented and has two wicks. It smells brilliant!

As a very big candle lover, I’m very picky about candles. I have candles all over the house including oil burners. Im obsessed! I can honestly say this is one the best candles I have ever got. It smells great and looks gorgeous! So far I’d rate a 9/10!

Here are some pictures!

The more the candle burns the more beautiful and more I can smell it. It smells gorgeous and I can’t help but feel warm when it’s burning!

The jewellery is in a small silver foil package and then in a clear baggy.

Please excuse the wax covered baggy: I took it out and fell asleep 😂

When you order a candle, you have the option of choosing a ring or a charm bead. I received a charm bead and its gorgeous. I would honestly buy one again. They are £35 each with free UK delivery! How amazing💗

Thank you so much The Charming Candle Co for sending me this beautiful candle and giving me this amazing opportunity!

Thanks for reading x

Becca x
This blog post is part of the 7 days blog post challenge, see my last blog post here to get the link!

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  1. Kelsey says:

    Oh wow, these look like they’d make such a lovely gift – or something to treat yourself too. I have to get one!

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