Starting work.

Before I had Rosie-Belle: I wanted to travel the world🌍, get a good job(midwifery) but I never wanted children. It never crossed my mind. Obviously that all changed when I had Rosie-Belle & I devoted my life to getting good grades and being a good mum. I have had a job previously and it was only 4 hours a week on a Sunday. This fitted with school but as I got on and my GCSE’s where coming up I needed to focus on them so I left. I then had a few home problems which left me not being to work for 2 years. I had Miyah and I chucked myself back out there. It was and still is hard to say the least. The early morning are hard!

I started work not too long ago and I now do 14 hours a week. 6am to 8am in the morning cleaning. (Monday is 5am to 7am👀) and I also have a job interview on the 18th of March for a job with more hours. I’m still in the process of deciding wether or not to do both as it’s a lot of hours. I want my girls to have everything they need and could ever want but I don’t want to miss out on their childhoods. They’re only babies once!

I work at our local wetherspoons pub. I clean in the morning before it opens and make sure everything is right. I really enjoy it and I get on well with my team. I do really like it.

In the future when the girls are at both at school I would like to go on and do a midwifery degree and do what I always wanted to do but for now, I’m content.

Thanks for reading,

Becca x

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