10 little things that make me happy! πŸ˜‹

I was tagged by the beautiful Zoe to do a blog post about 10 little things that make me happy. Shortening it to 10 is going to be extremely difficult so bare with me πŸ˜‰

My life is filled with happiness everywhere I look, although sometimes I don’t always see them, I try to always (atleast once a day) to think about something that will make me happy. For example today I woke at 4am to be at work for 5am. I was so tired and stressed! I’d only had 4 hours sleep and I was shattered. I sat and thought I’m doing this for my girls, so I can give them everything they always want. That is my reason to be happy today. I will always advise that you think of atleast one thing to make you happy each day. It’s definitely made a difference in my life.

Happiness is not something you postpone for the future; it is something you design for the present! -Jim Rohn.

So here we go! 10 little things that make me happy.

  1. Obviously, my babies. I am so proud of them and what they are today. Miyah is such a good little baby and Rosie is growing up so much. They both make me so so happy!
  2. My amazing fiancΓ©. Michael is my rock, and I wouldn’t be here today if it wasn’t for him. I’m so happy to wake up everyday with him and my little family.
  3. Lazy days in the house with my girls. Like today, it’s so bloody gloomy outside and we are spending the day just chilling inside. Watching movies and playing games! My favourite kind of days.
  4. My family. I may not always get on with my family but I love them.
  5. Writing! Whether it be a blog post, a list, a letter or reading what others have written; I’m all over it. Reading and writing is one of my favourite and only hobbies.
  6. Music! Music is amazing, put in your headphones and it’s like your floating away.
  7. My friends! Though I may not have many, I cherish the ones I do have. One I would like to thank; you know who you are and I love you! Thank you for being the best Baby Guru in the word 😜
  8. Cooking! I love cooking, cakes espeically!
  9. Planning! Planning makes me so happy! It sounds so odd but I love routines and plans. It makes me so anxious and nervous when people change plans but I love planning things down to the last detail. Including lists πŸ˜›
  10. Matilda! Matilda is my favourite film in the whole wide world. I love watching it and it does make me happy, as sad as that sounds.

I tag:

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Thank you for reading!

Becca x
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  1. I love this… expect my post soon!

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    1. Mygirlsandme says:

      Look forward too it


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