Life with an Epileptic partner.

Okay, so this is going to be a hard blog but none the less something i would like to talk about. I wish there was more awareness for this, but i don’t see very much. I try my hardest to learn as much as i can and share the information i have learnt.

My partner is Epileptic. He has a type of Epilepsy called Idiopathic Generalized Epilepsy, He was only very recently diagnosed.

It all started about 2 years ago. He had a seizure at work while washing up dishes and all he can remember is waking up in hospital. We was on a ‘break’ at this point and i was told when he woke by him. I was mortified. I so wanted to be there but i couldn’t. He had dislocated his shoulder and was in a lot of pain for a while. He had another seizure at work, about 6 months later, this time he was on his own and eating his breakfast. He was opening at his work and this only required one person on shift at a time. He had a fit while eating and he was sick- He was choking on his sick and he could have died but thankfully a member of staff from the restaurant opposite found him and saved his life. He had also dislocated his shoulder then too. (This caused him to dislocate it a LOT more times and is now awaiting surgery for it.) We where back together at this point and i was in bed when i was told. I rushed to the hospital to see him and he looked awful! He had a massive bump on his head and scratches all down his face. This one was even worse and i didn’t leave his side for a very long time. I started to get anxiety attacks over leaving him. His last seizure was a big one. It lasted for about 15 to 20 minutes and this one i witnessed. We was driving to a scrap yard (Oh how he loves his cars!) and we was about 5 minutes away from the yard when he started to fit. I was petrified! i was 6 weeks pregnant, hardly anyone knew and he was about to crash. I just relaxed and let it happen. Michael didn’t wake up till we was hospital and he had AGAIN dislocated his shoulder. This time was terrifying, Thankfully everything was okay! Miyah is here now with no problems. Michael came out with only cuts and bruises (and his obviously dislocation.) His car was a write off and it looked terrifying… but we have our lives and thats all that matters.

Michael has not had a seizure since, and has had lots of different tests. He has ‘Petty Mals’ which are small seizures where he is like day dreaming, or where he is staring into space and he can’t respond to you anyone talking or touching him. He can hear you just not respond. He hasn’t had any of these since either. He is on new medication and they seem to be working. He can start driving again in October which he is super excited for! He is a major car enthusiast and has really missed driving.

We don’t know what triggers his seizures, the information we found says it could be due to tiredness. He hasn’t noticed anything else but he has also has LOTS of different tests to see if that triggers any, which they didn’t. I get major stressed and have quite a few anxiety attacks myself over a lot of things to do with it. What if he fits while he is on his own? What if he fits and really does hurt himself? What would i tell the girls? But i can’t live on what ifs, and it is really really hard to listen to myself when i say that.

I would just like to link some sites that can really help with epilepsy.

Epilepsy Society

How to help when someone is having a seizure.


If you would veer like to talk, i am always just a message away and i will help as much as i possibly can.

Thanks for reading,

Becca x

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  1. The Epileptic Blogger says:

    Oh my word! You truly have been through it all! I’m so glad to hear that your other half is under control and that he can soon get back behind the wheel, being unable to learn to drive for me is hard enough, I cannot imagine what it must be like to be able to drive and have that independence then one day suddenly get it all taken away! Sending love to you all ❤️

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  2. Oh my goodness, what a whirlwind! I’m so glad the meds are working for him right now! I can totally understand why you’d get anxiety about all of this, I think I would too! Good on you for talking about it, I’m sure there are many that will be able to relate and understand your situation! X

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Mygirlsandme says:

      Thank you so much x


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