Easy ways to add veg to your child’s dinner, without them noticing.

So many of us have had major problems with getting their children to eat their veg. I mean come on, i didn’t even want too when i was younger! Rosie is an extremely fussy eater and i have to be so imaginative when it comes to getting her to eat some healthy stuff. So i have come up with some easy ideas!

  1. Instead of mash, make cauliflower mash! Or even just mix some grated cauliflower to the mash. Easy and simple! It looks the same and if you mix it in, i can’t even notice its in there.
  2. Instead of chopping up onions, blend them and add them to a sauce (If there is one with your dish) Rosie despises onions and will refuse to eat a whole meal if she has little as looks at one, so we blended it and added it to the sauce!
  3. I found these amazing little fish in Tesco and Rosie LOVES them! Naughty mummy told her they where fish shaped chicken nuggets and she knows no different! Perfect!IDShot_540x540.jpg
  4. Making it into pictures! For example making different vegs into a face! Making things look good with make your child feel good eating it!
  5. Smoothies! What a brilliant way to add veg to your kiddies diet!

These are not the best ideas in the world but these are the ideas that I would use! There are plenty more that you can find! Another good idea is to cook with your children! Get them involved and doing it too!

Thanks for reading,

Becca x

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  1. mummyandliss says:

    Loved this! So many brilliant ideas, especially the cauliflower mash! Does Rosie like potato waffles? In asda they do mini carrot & potato waffles, Alyssia loves them and doesn’t know any different. The fish is a good idea too! Zoe x


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    1. Mygirlsandme says:

      I’m not are we got some just normal potato waffles from Tesco, and she’s still unsure so I might have to try!

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