Review for Heat Holders.

I was emailed by Conor at Heat holders and asked to review their product for them, of course i didn’t mind because im a new blogger im always open for new opportunities.  I am always looking to learn and try new things!

Heat Holders are a company providing thermal wear for all the family. Their website is very easy to use and easy to get around. You can find your way to what place that you need and they provide good information about their products. Today i was sent a a pair of socks. They are a 3.24 tog. On the packaging it says ‘Over 7x warmer than basic cotton socks. My review is made by my amazing partner Michael. He saw the socks and really wanted to try them haha! So i asked him a series of questions to rate the product we received.

  • How was the packaging? I think the packaging is very well presented. I like that you can feel the socks from the packaging before you buy the socks. I am picky about the feel of socks. It’s always nice to know exactly what you are buying. 


  • How is the fitting of the socks? I really like the fitting of the socks, the socks are very comfortable and the inside of the socks are very smooth. Very easy to put on and they don’t fall down while wearing them!


  • How are they when you are walking? The socks unfortunately dont have much grip on the bottom, which doesn’t bother me very much but i can see it being a problem for people who have laminated flooring in their house. Other than that i dont find anything wrong with them when walking, they are extremely comfortable and soft and feel really nice on my toes! (Lol!)


  • Do they support your feet well? Yes! The softness really does help. I like socks which help provide me support because i walk a lot which can cause my feet to hurt. These socks has the provided softness and support to help with that!


  • Does it hold the heat well? Yes! It keeps my feet warm and cosy! Because i walk a lot i find my feet sweat a lot. The socks don’t make this at all worse or uncomfortable. 


  • Is there anything that you don’t like about the product? Other than the grip i mentioned before no, i really enjoy these socks and would definitely recommended them to other people.


  •   What would you rate these socks out of 10? 9/10.


Michael overall really enjoyed these socks.


Thank you for reading!

Becca x





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