My Weekly Routine. 

My weekly routines are planned on a Sunday, but i will be telling you about my usual weekly routine including my food shop and food planning!


I start on a Sunday when i get Rosie home from her dads house. She usually comes home around 4pm-5pm and we have a catch up on what she did at the weekend and we have some cuddles. If she didn’t at her dads she will have some dinner, and we will probably have some more cuddles. I really miss her at the weekends. We watch some telly till around 6:30-7:30 and i put her to bed. This can last anywhere between an hour and 3! We read a book (or 100) and say goodnight. She has to have a blue and a brown inhaler every morning and every night. (5 puffs of blue and 2 puffs of brown.) we kiss and cuddle and she goes to bed. She can be up in the night everywhere between 1 and 10 times! After Rosie has settled and gone to sleep i tidy up and go upstairs, i will feed Miyah if needed and blog plan for a bit. If its the correct day i will write a blog. Like today! After i have feel i have done enough i will bath Miyah, get into bed and me and Michael might watch a film and i will go to bed.


On a Monday, i may have work which means a 5 o’clock wake up, go to work and be home at around 8:15am. I will then feed Miyah and get Rosie dressed. Rosie usually is awake by the time i get home and playing. I get dressed into the days clothes and we play for a bit. Depending on what we do we may go into town or to the park. If we stay at home we play and then have dinner. We play some more, (Monday is usually our lazy day!) and we would put on a film in the background. Usually Trolls as that is Rosie’s favorite thing that the moment. She is Trolls CRAZY and i think i may be crazy from trolls. After we have chilled out i will start to prepare dinner from what i have planned for the week. We all sit down and eat dinner and then after we have an hours chill out. Watch Simpsons and then its our bedtime routine again.  Rosie will have a bath tonight (She can’t have a bath every night due to her skin problems.)

As i have explained our daily routine in rough i will explain what what we usually do daily for the rest of the week.

Tuesday- Tuesday Rosie goes to nursery from 9am to 4:30om. On a Tuesday i have my two little sisters Gracie who is 5 and Tallulah who is 3. I pick them all up around 3:15-3:45pm and we have dinner at my house. Usually spaghetti bolognaise  as its all their favorite. The rest of the night is our usually bedtime routine. On a Tuesday Michaels mum might have the day off work and we all while Rosie is at Nursery will go and see her for a bit.

Wednesday- Wednesday is usually a family day where we will spend the day together, go to park or play games during the day.

Thursday- Rosie goes to a nursery again on a Thursday and thats usually mind and Michael’s clean the house day. Rosie comes home from nursery and we have tea and bedtime routine.

Friday- Friday is my favorite day! I have recently started going to a baby group which is fab! After we go to shopping! I love shopping, i have my list and i feel organised for the week after! Rosie gets picked up on a Friday around 4 and 5pm and me and Michael spend the night together.

Our Saturday and Sundays are usually mixed and match. We don’t usually have a plan for them.

Our Food shopping! 

On a Friday each week we go food shopping. On a Thursday night i will write a meal plan for each day of the week so we know exactly what we are going to get. We go after play group and walk down to our local Tesco. We get a taxi home. Our food shop is good for me as i like to be organised and i don’t like to go off routine.  I will plan and write down everything we need and what we will eat each day and we don’t usually go off this plan. If we do its because we have had a ‘off day’ and our day hasn’t gone to plan. This makes me really anxious and i really don’t like to do it. Our shop usually takes us an hour to a hour and and a half because of my anxiety. I have to go own every aisle even if we don’t need anything from that aisle and i tick everything off our list. When i do my practical car test i will drive to shopping instead of walking and taxi.

I hope you all enjoyed my blog post!

Thank you for reading!

Becca x


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