The perfect gifts and gifts for 4 year olds…

So this is my first collab blog post!! Scary! I have been asked to write a blog post for the website What2Buy4Kids.  What2buy4kids is a lovely website which helps people choose the perfect gift or toys for boys and girls up to the ages of 12 years old. I love this site! it has helped me for future birthday planning 😉 which is amazing as i love being organised. I’m here to talk about what i feel are the perfect gifts (in my eyes) for 4 year old girls. I will be including some of my favorite Instagram small shops! Please check out these small shops if you are interested in anything!

Instagram Shops.

@Gabeandpenny : Gabeandpenny make little wooden peg dolls! I received some peg dolls after a raffle i entered and i received them in good time and Rosie-Belle absolutely loves them. They are amazing quality and i feel would be perfect for little girls and doll houses. Rosie uses her peg dolls in her dolls house and we use them for shoots too! I once found Rosie asleep cuddling them!

@Harleysbowtique : A i have said in a previous blog (My review on Harleys Bowtique. ) this Instagram shop is PERFECT for all your headband/clips and bow-tie needs. If your child enjoys dressing up and wearing bows i highly recommend coming to her! She can make bows to custom order and has some beautiful pre-made. Her prices are brilliant and the packaging is good! Again: Highly recommend. : A while i ago i received my first gorgeous order from this Instagram shop. I ordered a beautiful custom made Tutu ready for Rosie’s birthday party on Sunday. If your girl loves dressing up; i recommend this Instagram shop for the perfect tutus.  I cannot wait for Rosie to see hers. She also makes other various clothing and has before made some gorgeous dresses.

And finally…

Asda: As its Rosie’s birthday coming up very soon i popped by asda to get some last minute presents. They had a great deal on: 2 for £14. Which i though was absolutely great being on a tight budget and most of the toys where ranged around £10-£12 so great value for money. Styling head- I would defiantly recommend this toy for all the beauty loving kids. With different accessories for the hair and color changing eye shadow and lipstick! The second toy is a baby and a bath. i would definitely recommenced this for the kids who love playing with dolls & babies and who has a very motherly side to them.


*All the products and shops mentioned in this blog post are my own personal opinion and i am just saying how i feel and what i feel is good. If you would like anymore ideas on the ‘perfect’ gift for your children please head to the What2buy4kids website and have a look! They have all the different age ranges and it is separated into boys and girls. If you have any questions about the products or shops i have mentioned in this blog please dont hesitate to contact me.*



Thank you for reading!

Becca x


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  1. Isabel says:

    This is a handy post to come across as my niece is coming up to her 4th birthday very soon! Eek. She’s grown up so quickly!

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