Rosie-Belle Growing Up…

As it comes up to Rosie’s 4th birthday, i thought i’d reminisce on the last 4 years.


All the while my heart breaks that in 6 days im going to have a 4 year old.. like… what?!?!


Rosie-Belle was born on the 7th of May at 11:08am. The start of the rest of my life! She was always such a happy baby growing up. Always smiling and laughing; you couldn’t be sad around her what’s so ever. She was just the light of the room. She had all my family around her basically 24/7. My elder sister Emily, my middle sister Charlie and my youngest Gracie-Mai so she had so much to thrive from.She grew too fast. After me and her father split; she would stay at his house from Friday night to Sunday and i would have her Monday to Friday. (I used to HATE the weekends without her)

  • Her first smile was around 5 weeks, and she didn’t stop from there!18156859_1918720225066266_6828298346143487642_n
  • Her first Word was Nana! She has always been a Nanny’s girl.
  • She took her first unaided steps at 9 months old with the help from my old
    est sister Emily. Laughing away she was loving it.
  • Rosie was potty trained fully by 3 years old,
  • On Thursday (25/04/2017) Rosie wrote her name for the very first time! #proudmummymoment.

Rosie was 15239186_10209456376560823_2006450924_n (1).jpgprogressing at a very fast pace and that was due to all the influences she had around her. There was never a dull moment in our household and she used that to her advantage.  It was light lights where flashing in my eyes and before i knew it she was walking and talking. I loved that she was so clever. People would always be shocked when they asked her age and i didn’t tell them what they thought but all that wore off when she stopped needing me so much. This crushed my heart and made me feel useless. She didn’t need me to cuddle her to bed anymore, or to hold my hand while she walked next to me. I felt like she didn’t need me anymore. It’s amazing watching them grow into such beautiful and intelligent tiny human being’s but it does hurt when you feel they no longer needed you. The feeling doesn’t last long though because i promise you, there will be one day where they scrape their knee, or cuddle you till they’re asleep where you feel needed again. All the sadness and unwantedness just melts away.

When Rosie-Belle was just over a year old she got poorly. For roughly 3 months we had constant doctors appointments and them telling me it was just a ‘virus’. I knew this was wrong; she wasn’t eating, drinking and my happy baby had just gone. she slept most hours of the days and wouldn’t let me leave her. One night she hadn’t drank anything all day and had about 2 wet nappies all day that was barely even a wee. I phone 111 who sent an ambulance out and i was taken to Musgrove Park Hospital where she has scans, oxygen and tests. We found out she had problems with her lungs and from there we have had non stop trouble. Constant hospital trips and constantly being fobbed off. We are now finally on the mend but it has been a long 3 years old troubles.



Rosie will be 4 soon, and as scary as that seems to me, the scarier part is still to come. In September my tiny little human will be going to school. What the fudge.. right?! She will wear the uniform and be as cute as anything but this is the first day of the next 13-14 maybe more years of her life. She wont be my baby anymore. (But in my head she will ALWAYS be my baby no matter what.) 

I don’t think i will every get over how quick it feels that the past 4 years have gone. It seems i have blinked my eyes and now i have a diva ruling my household.

Thank you so much for reading, as always; i am grateful.

Becca x x


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