The transition from disposable to cloth nappies.


As the people who read my blogs are aware we have started to use cloth instead of disposable. I was nervous but extremely excited the cute and beautiful looking nappies. So I thought I’d update you on how it’s going.

Miyah hasn’t had any sort of nappy rash since using, where she would get a tiny bit red and sore. We love the patterns and we have found that they last longer than disposable. They do make Miyahs bum look a bit like Kim K’s as she is still so dinky and small but I find it so cute!! Our first set of nappies we got of amazon are amazing, they are very absorbent and so easy to use, they fit her perfectly on the right snappers and the inserts are very soft.

We have also found that Miyah isn’t so emotional about her bum being changed anymore, she doesn’t cry and when she is undressed she doesn’t seem to get upset like before. I think this is down to the softness of the nappies and they’re not so rough on her bum.

we received some more nappies which where cheaper. As we are still in trial and error stage I thought it would be good to give it a go. The other nappies we received I don’t feel where as good. They are very thin and didn’t seem to last as long as the first I received. They didn’t have enough snappers to fit her so I think they may be better to use when she grows a bit. (Which I feel will be a long time!) the nappies are just plain solid colour and ones that I don’t mind waiting to use.

I do still plan on buying more. I can’t resist the beautiful designs on some.
I am in no way promoting or reviewing for amazon the nappies I wrote about. These opinions are my own.

Thank you for reading x

Becca x

Fun, easy and cheap things to do with your children this half term.


I know that sometimes keeping the kids entertained is hard in the holidays. It may be because the weather is rubbish or because you don’t quite have enough money to take them to a different place each day. I certainly don’t anyway! I’ve though of these easy ways to keep the kids entertained and they’re pretty cheap too so won’t break the bank. If you have any ideas or tips of keeping them entertained then comment below! I love hearing new ideas.

  1. A nature walk, made fun! a walk on its own can make the kids bored. I know a fact Rosie hates it. So spice it up, here are some ideas on what you could do on your walk. Take some paper and some crayons, make tree markings and trace leaves. Put some wellies on and find as many puddles as you can! Go on a big hunt and see what little insects you can find, or you could even just make a little picnic and sit and have some dinner.
  2. Crafts. This one may cost a little bit but I have the items already so you may as well. We love crafts in our house and always loves making a mess. Put down large sheets of paper all over the floor (I would tape them so they don’t move) get some paints and let the kids sit and paint all over the paper. I usually let Rosie do it in just some underwear because she will just get it all over her clothes but because the papers all over the floor- the only mess (that should be 🤣) is the kids and the paint brushes.
  3. A movie day! If your children is anything like my Rosie-Belle then they could watch a film over and over and over again without getting bored. What we do is get some snacks, built a little comfy space for us to sit (both duvets for extra warmth, teddies and the lights off) and chuck on a favourite movie. Ours is currently Trolls 😌
  4. A library trip. If your little ones like new books it’s always worth while going to check out and sit reading some books with them. It won’t feel much like a chore to them to read because you’re making a fun day of it!
  5. Going to the park! Simple and easy, take a ball, scooter and or a little picnic and a day out is sorted! If the weather permits that is.
  6. Soft play areas. Around where I live, the soft play is very cheap to enter and you can play all day. I’m unsure if it’s the same for others but it’s worth looking online for a closest one and checking it out.
  7. Building a pillow fort! Easy and fun, plus you can get some snacks and play inside for ages. Always so much fun.
  8. Cooking! You can cook with your children, a cake, cookies or even dinner! Let them get messy, let them touch and feel all the different textures!

It’s so simple and easy to have a good day and slash the price of mega parks. Unfortunately due to me not being able to drive either I physically cannot take my girls to these places! I’m not saying you shouldn’t go, I’m just giving my ideas and help on ways for people who may not have the money.

Do you have any easy and cheap fun things to do in the half term? Comment below.

Thanks for reading!

Becca x

My weekly food plan for the week!


I have recently (a couple weeks ago) started to plan my food shops and what we eat each meal every day of the week. I do this to save money and to save stressing on the day and chucking some random rubbish together. This way I know we are eating as a family and I can plan how to sneak veg in to Rosie’s dishes! I love doing this as it makes me so originates and each week we are trying to cut down our bill of the food shop. We are aiming this week for £75 max. (It may sound like loads but we have spent way more than that🙄) it’s crazy!

Monday- On Monday, it’s usually just us 3. We will be having Lasange & veg.

Tuesday- Tuesday I have my two sisters come over. They all love Spaghetti Bolognaise so we have that every week!

Wednesday- Maggies slow cooked chicken and rice! In this dish I add cherry tomotos, bell peppers and this time I will try and sneak in a few more. As it’s slow cooked they hardly notice! Deffo a new favourite in our house.

Thursday- Spaghetti and Meatballs with garlic bread.

Friday- Friday Rosie goes to her dads house, so it’s either just Michael and I or with an added friend (Millie or Kieran). We will be having take out on Friday. We will decided on the day what we have.

Saturday- Saturday is an “if it’s” day. If it’s in, we will eat it 🙂

Sunday- Sunday is Roast Chicken. Michael cooks on a sunday😮 but he makes a mean roast! I love it.

We do our shops on Friday so that’s when I plan my meals, it saves us money and we 9/10 stick to it.

Thanks for reading!

Becca x
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My Breastfeeding Journey.


I wanted to write about my breastfeeding journey. Not only to try and help others but to help myself in a weird way. I had such a tough time with Rosie. I feel awful about it sometimes so i hope i can read back and remind myself. I’m sorry if that seems vain!

My journey with Rosie was short. Extremely. I fed for about 2 weeks maximum. I was 14 and very uneducated on the benefits of breastfeeding. I wasn’t exactly sure what i wanted to do whether it be breast or bottle. When i gave birth i had the biggest natural instinct to get her to latch. From there i thought we would be okay and i could do it. Oh how i was wrong. After i left the hospital i realized it was very difficult. I had sore, cracked, bleeding and extremely painful nipples. I would cry while feeding. I just couldn’t stick it out and i ended up giving up. I was so sad but i thought it was best and we went to formula. After that i was determined to feed for at least 6 months with my next baby.

My breastfeeding journey with Miyah.

As i said, i wanted to go to at least 6 months feeding with my next baby and i was still as sure as ever that i was going to at least try my damn hardest. I used to talk about it for hours to Michael, how i was not going to be scared, how breast is best and i didn’t want her to have anything other than my milk. When she was born I stuck to my word and she had the most perfect latch i had ever seen, i nearly cried. She fed for about 10 minutes (It felt like a life time just staring at my perfect minutes old baby!) I was so happy. From there she fed roughly every hour and i was so ecstatic. I was doing it, it didn’t hurt at the time and she wasn’t getting frustrated. When we was home we had about a 3 days before the pain set in. I was terrified. I had extremely sore nipples and they started to crack. We straight away got some cream and some shields to help! The pain lasted for 2 weeks then it started to calm down but only on my right side. Over the course of about 24 hours i started to feel really poorly and my left breast was extremely swollen and red. It started getting really hot and i was getting really bad hot flushes. I googled the symptoms and it said mastitis. I thought this was the end, 2 weeks feeding like Rosie and i thought thats all my body could cope with. I went to the doctor and got some antibiotics and was told to rest. Most importantly feed through it. I did everything the doctor told me and it was awful. I cried nearly every feed but i was determined and after about 3 days it started to calm down. I even pumped my right breast as i was feeding mostly from my left. After it calmed down i was pain free, Miyah started feeding for longer and it was amazing. I developed an over supply and that i can admit is painful but i just pump more. I was so proud of myself.

We are now at week 12 of our breastfeeding journey and going amazing. We love out feeding time and every time she goes into a milk coma i just feel so proud that we have made it this far and there is no sign of stopping any time soon. My original plan of 6 months has now changed to a year and i feel so positive about it.

Are you breastfeeding? How is your journey going? Leave a comment below!

Thank you for reading x


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What’s in my changing bag? 


As any mum with a small baby, a changing bag goes everywhere with you and I’m not going to lie it can collect a lot of unneeded stuff. I decided that I needed to clean out my changing bag and give it a good spring clean. I love to be organised but I feel that, that is the only place that isn’t 🙄 even though I really do with it was.

(Does anyone get the urge to buy a new changing bag ALL time or is that just me? I love the one I have and I’ll go shopping and find another I love and have to hold myself back.)

What’s in my changing bag!

  1. My nappy bag. With one or maybe two cloth nappies in the bag, some bambo liners & extra fabric liners.
  2. Wet wipes. Who can’t live without wet wipes! They clean like EVERYTHING!
  3. Spare clothes. I always bring two outfits for Miyah including socks and bibs, and spare trousers and underwear and socks for Rosie just in case. You can never be too cautious.
  4. Rosie’s inhaler. Rosie has really bad breathing problems and if we left the house without it all hell would break loose.
  5. Nappy bags. Just in case!
  6. Miyahs red book.
  7. My purse.
  8. A hairbrush.
  9. Spare socks for me. In case an unpected trip to the park and I get my feet sandy.
  10. A blanket.
  11. My glasses case
  12. Tissues.

When I don’t clean it out and give it a wash I could fine anything in there from money to filter tips that’s fallen out (bad habits💔) to tiny kinder egg toy! It is crazy. Rosie shoves little things in there and I can bet that there will be a tiny little toy in there by the end of this week. My changing bag is my whole house 😂😂

My changing bag saves my life sometimes, other tims I just wanna throw it away! It’s like the wardrobe from the lion the witch and the wardrobe; you put your hand in and it seems to go on forever. I always find things in there that I’ve lost for sooo long and get mad when I think “well why didn’t I think of looking in there”.

What is something you ALWAYS have to keep on you? In your purse or changinging bag.

Thanks for reading x

Becca x

Your baby, skin to skin book review.


I was sent a gorgeous book called “your baby skin to skin” by Rachael Fitz-Desorgher.

I absolutely love the design of this book. The picture on the front is clear and it just stands out. The book is 236 pages long and is a fantastic read for new mothers everywhere.

I cannot express how much I love the information provided in this book but it is presented in such a lovely way that it doesn’t even feel like you’re reading facts. You just seem to flow between the facts and you realise that not only are you learning but you are enjoying the book!

I’m writing this blog as I read this book. I can’t tell you enough how this book is helping me 11 weeks on after my baby was born. I get so into reading it and it’s so so interesting to read! It covers everything from the first days to weaning and more.

I would defiantly give this book a 10/10 and I would recommend it to any expecting/new mothers

You can get it here on amazon for £12.99!

Thank you for reading x

Becca x

The Charming Candle Co review. 


I have been asked to review a beautiful product from The Charming Candle Co. They specialise in making gorgeous candles with jewellery in them. You burn the candles and when the candle has finished you get a present inside 😍 I’ve been very excited for this amazing Candle!

I received the candle today, the packaging is bloody gorgeous and I’ve never seen something packed so safe. With cardboard noddles and an extra box I am extremely impressed. The candle itself is beautiful, there’s such a gorgeous design on it, gold leaves, beautiful! The candle is vanilla scented and has two wicks. It smells brilliant!

As a very big candle lover, I’m very picky about candles. I have candles all over the house including oil burners. Im obsessed! I can honestly say this is one the best candles I have ever got. It smells great and looks gorgeous! So far I’d rate a 9/10!

Here are some pictures!

The more the candle burns the more beautiful and more I can smell it. It smells gorgeous and I can’t help but feel warm when it’s burning!

The jewellery is in a small silver foil package and then in a clear baggy.

Please excuse the wax covered baggy: I took it out and fell asleep 😂

When you order a candle, you have the option of choosing a ring or a charm bead. I received a charm bead and its gorgeous. I would honestly buy one again. They are £35 each with free UK delivery! How amazing💗

Thank you so much The Charming Candle Co for sending me this beautiful candle and giving me this amazing opportunity!

Thanks for reading x

Becca x
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Cloth Nappies: the start of my journey!

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I have received my nappies and I can honestly say i am in love already. I love the designs I have and I love how they fit her! Although it does look very big and padded… that’s because she wees a lot😂. I thought the start of our journey was going to hard, I’m not sure I would have got it right away and I was worried that I wasn’t going to do it right but the biggest bonus of them all is that we all adapted pretty well. Although Michael is still shy of getting rid of the disposable nappies. I ordered my nappies from amazon and from a pre-loved site on Facebook. Although it is highly expensive it is all worth it in the end. I spent roughly £90 all together for my set and we have enough to last us to potty trained. (But I’m positive I will buy more 😂)

The average person spends around £1,000 a year on disposable nappies.

I am loving the designs and I love the feel of them, they are super soft. Miyah hates having her bum changed, she screams the whole time, I have noticed a change in Miyah when I change her as well. With cloth nappies you don’t have to change them as much as disposable. This helps Miyah as she can get really stressed out.

I have also been looking online for personalised cloth nappies, there are some amazing designs and I am really looking forward to buying some more!

After two nights we have realised we need to double up in pads. Miyahs wees a lot more at night and she seemed more wet in the mornings. We also had our first poo at 1:20am this morning and I made the realisation that I need to use a few more bamboo liners to collect. Overall I am enjoying the nappies and Miyah hasn’t really noticed the change. She is still her normal smiley happy baby.

Thanks for reading,

Becca x

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Starting work.


Before I had Rosie-Belle: I wanted to travel the world🌍, get a good job(midwifery) but I never wanted children. It never crossed my mind. Obviously that all changed when I had Rosie-Belle & I devoted my life to getting good grades and being a good mum. I have had a job previously and it was only 4 hours a week on a Sunday. This fitted with school but as I got on and my GCSE’s where coming up I needed to focus on them so I left. I then had a few home problems which left me not being to work for 2 years. I had Miyah and I chucked myself back out there. It was and still is hard to say the least. The early morning are hard!

I started work not too long ago and I now do 14 hours a week. 6am to 8am in the morning cleaning. (Monday is 5am to 7am👀) and I also have a job interview on the 18th of March for a job with more hours. I’m still in the process of deciding wether or not to do both as it’s a lot of hours. I want my girls to have everything they need and could ever want but I don’t want to miss out on their childhoods. They’re only babies once!

I work at our local wetherspoons pub. I clean in the morning before it opens and make sure everything is right. I really enjoy it and I get on well with my team. I do really like it.

In the future when the girls are at both at school I would like to go on and do a midwifery degree and do what I always wanted to do but for now, I’m content.

Thanks for reading,

Becca x