Having a new born again…

I have already done it once, how hard can be to do it again? Oh how naive of me. 

The First Few Days…

As many of you know (I say many because everyone experiences things differently.) the first few days (few weeks lol) are the hardest. I totally forgot how tiny babies are and that scared me a lot! Especially that Miyah was a dinky 5lb 9oz. I was in hospital for 3 days in total including delivery and i came home on Sunday the 6th of March. The first night was easy.. I’m not going to lie. Miyah went to sleep at midnight and slept for 5 and a half hours. I thought “this is bliss, i have an amazing sleeper!” I was wrong! haha. After the first night Miyah was up ever hour for 3 days straight. Feeding for 30 to 40 minutes, then sleeping for an hour then waking again. As tired as i was; i really didn’t mind. I was so in love with my newborn and my little family i didn’t care. After the first week- we managed to sleep for about 2-2 and half hours before a feed. Now we are at 8 weeks and still in this routine.



With Rosie, i had such a difficult time breastfeeding. Sore nipples, clogged milk ducts, not a very good latch and i didn’t produce enough milk to feed her. I was devastated so this time i was determined to do something about it. I read EVERY article i could, read books, asked on online forums and spoke with my midwife. When Miyah arrived the first thing i did was put her to my breast. (After having a look at her.) She latched straight away, perfect latch and i was in love. I was so happy i couldn’t believe it. When we got home things turned quite quickly. Her latch wasn’t as good as before and she was getting frustrated as if she wasn’t getting enough. I was petrified that the same would happen again so this made me even more motivated to work it out. I spent hours on our latch and we had lots of skin to skin contact and baths (i found this was the best place for us to feed. She loves it) and i worked through the amazing pain i was in. Trust me, i was in agony. and we finally got somewhere. After bout 3 days my milk came in and that helped even more. The pain started to slowly die down and then the worst thing happened! I got Mastitis. This, as painful as it is was made me even more determined to feed. We fed through the pain, the illness feeling and i took my anti-biotics. I did it, i fed through and we are now at our 8 week breastfeeding mark. Which i am totally proud off. My little booby monster!

Both girls, jealousy and more. 

When Miyah came home, Rosie came home. I did not want to leave Rosie out of anything! She helped me get Miyah changed and ready for bed, then going to bed herself. No problems: in fact she loved it, she loved being the big sister; the helper and ‘mummies big girl’. As any mum would- i was terrified. Rosie had all my attention and i was worried she was going to get jealous from me spending so much time feeding Miyah but instead she sat next to me stroking her tiny little head an giving her kisses. I could have cried, i had never been more happy then seeing the love Rosie felt for her. What could be better? My biggest baby loving my smallest baby and not seeing her as a threat that Miyah would take her mummy away. I was so proud of my little family. Still at 8 week on Rosie jumps at every cry to help out, put her dummy in or give her a cuddle. She always asks to change her bum (She only helps me out here, i don’t let her change it by herself.) and to play with her.


Having a newborn again has had it’s struggles and its ups and downs, some nights Miyahs awake for hours and i’m tired and stressed, some days she sleeps through two feeds and my boobs feel like they’re going to explode. Other days ive had just enough sleep and both girls are happy and content. I wouldn’t change any of it for the world and i would do it all over again.


As always, thank you so much for reading.

Becca x

If anyone has any requests for blog posts please don’t hesitate to contact me by commenting on my post, or contacting me on my social media (In the header) also my email is: beccagreenway@live.co.uk 🙂

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  1. Melani neves says:

    I rebecca i love read what hapen to you is a good help i know im a mum of 3 is going to be 4 in 6 weeks but unfortunatly i try my best to give my milk to my other kids was very difficult but im goin to try more harder on my last one and read your experience continue post things like this for us to read bigg kiss

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