Life with two babies…

I get told all the time.. how do I cope? 

Life with two children at 18… how do I cope? 

Its hard! I am telling you now it is difficult! A 3 nearly 4 year old and a newborn! I had all the questions, worries, doubts and I was scared as anything.

Will Rosie get jealous? Will my mental health deteriorate? My life is about to change dramatically again.

So I planned to have Miyah with Michael. We decided another baby would make our lives complete our little family (for now 😜) and we where ready 100%. We tried for 8 months & finally after what felt like years we conceived. We kept it quite for a little bit before telling family and definitely kept it quite from my Rosie because I was so scared how she would react and cope. After Miyah was born I didn’t get the normal adrenaline rush! I was just normal. I coped with the sleepiness nights and the energy and full on days of having a toddler, it just came naturally to me. Some days are hard… extremely. Where neither Miyah or Rosie are in a good mood and everything just seems 100x harder and I do just feel like giving up. But some days are amazing! Everyone is happy and everything is easy. Those days are the best!

Rosie loves Miyah and couldn’t have taken to her more than I could ever have hoped which is amazing. They are always cuddling and she always tries to help me out. She is the perfect sister in my eyes!

I admit! Some days I can’t bare to leave the house. There are days where I don’t brush my hair or put make up on and that’s okay. I used to hate it- being so… unorganised and ‘scruffy’ it made me so uncomfortable where as now I can be like that and not care.. why should I care? I’m not going anywhere or doing anything. I just chill out.

But don’t forget! It’s okay not to be okay ❤️

Thank you for reading 🌺
Becca x

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  1. Kerry says:

    You are rocking it mumma 🙌! And two beautiful girls that will remind you by the second, just why your doing it all over again ❤

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    1. Mygirlsandme says:



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