About me and my family…

So hey🤗

As you know my names Becca, I’m 18 and I come from Somerset. I have my two princesses Rosie & Miyah and they are my world 🌎. I had Rosie when I was 14. Young I know😏 

I met Rosie’s dad when I was 13 at school and we hung out for a while before we got together. We where together roughly 5 months before I got pregnant and i didn’t know I waspregnant until I was 29 weeks. Her dad was my first love and as anyone would I thought I’d be with him forever. But things changed! We broke up when Rosie was a year old and we went our separate ways. He’s an amazing dad to Rosie and we are still friendly for her. She’s worth it 😜

Roughly 3 months after me and Rosie’s dad broke up I met Michael 😍. We connected instantly and we just clicked. My mum didn’t approve for a while which resulted in me moving to my dads but now we are all good and we all get along. We have had our bumps but he is my rock, my hero. Life wouldn’t life if I didn’t have him. We went on to getting our own flat, We got pregnant with Miyah and rented our first house! Hopefully in the next couple years I will Mrs Rebecca Cox💍

In my next couple of blog posts I will be doing, I will be letting you in to my life ❤️

Thank you for reading!


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  1. Melani neves says:

    Beautiful you are a good mum and you need to be very proud you have 2 beautiful daughters….

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