My First Blog Post…



So… Hi (haha!) My name is Rebecca, i’m 18 and i am a mummy to two beautiful babies. Rosie-Belle who is 3 (4 very soon!) and Miyah who is 7 weeks old. I am engaged to the love of my life Michael.

Michael x
Rosie-Belle x
Miyah x

A little about how i started..

I have been posting pictures of my girls on instagram for well.. EVER and recently i stared getting better quality pictures, and becoming Brand Reps and Enthusiasts for different small shops. ( I LOVE supporting small shops!) I have gained some followers and i decided a few weeks ago that i wanted to reach further. That being said it has been extremely hard for me to even get to this point. I suffer greatly from anxiety.. but thats for another time.

I really hope that you enjoy your time being here and experiencing what i do and go through.. through my blog posts. My social media is linked at the top of my blog if you would like to take a look or follow me!

Anyway, for now… Good night!!

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